hair care essentials

i recently tried some new products that i wanted to share with you all. i don’t normally do product reviews but i love these products i’ve been using so i figured, hey why not?!

just a few things to know – i have highlighted hair so i have to be conscious about the products that i use and i have very thick hair that takes forever to dry.

hair care essentials

1. l’oreal color vibrancy. i LOVE this shampoo & conditioner. highly recommend. i usually use salon shampoo & conditioner because drugstore brands typically dry my hair out. this absolutely does not and you should try it if you are looking for a better shampoo that has an accessible price point.

2. l’oreal power moisture mask. this is awesome. i melted a patch of my hair – that’s right, melted, not burned. this is helping rehab it when nothing has been able to fix it in the past year.

3. pureology precious oil. this stuff is unbelievable. it is expensive, especially in salons. if you want to buy it use the link i shared earlier here – it is half off on amazon. just a tiny dot and your hair will be shiny and smooth. it’s the best hair oil i’ve ever used. just be mindful that if you put it on your roots – it may make your hair look greasy. also, use half a dot if you have thin or fine hair.

4. T3 bodywaver curling iron. this is the 1.75″ version. i have shoulder length hair and like the way this gives a little bit bigger wave versus a tighter curl. the bodywaver is an expensive curling iron but if you’re like me and curl your hair daily, it’s a good buy that leaves your hair nice and shiny whereas some cheaper curling irons i’ve used have not left any shine.

5. goody styling essentials round brush. you can go expensive on a brush if you want but i have been trying out different brushes lately as i recently cut 8 inches off my hair and can’t quite figure out which brush i like best. if you are going to blow out your hair straight, check out chi brushes, they’re really nice. if you want to dry your hair with loose curls make sure you opt for a brush with a wooden or plastic handle – nothing with that gel type material or anything that can grab your hair. if you have never experienced that before, just trust me on it and don’t do it. it doesn’t feel good.

6. chi hair dryer. i mean, you just can’t go wrong! if you are having a hard time working the kinks out of your hair, try upgrading your dryer, especially before you go for something like keratin.

what are your hair care essentials? i would love to hear about them!


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