the scent of a woman: top 5 summer fragrances

when it comes to summer, florals, citrus and overall light fragrances reign supreme. these 5 fragrances are your perfect scents for summer (and all reasonably priced). my personal favorite this summer is bobbi brown beach – it literally smells like the beach. it’s a little salty mixed with lillies and coppertone and is just overall perfection.

the rest are all incredibly sexy fragrances that i definitely think you should try the next time you’re at the perfume counter. you can even ask the salespeople if they have samples of them to try before you buy – perfume is a commitment and it says something about you. what you smell like is part of memories for other people, and for yourself. pick up the right scent and not only will it smell like “you” to other people, but you’ll remember having a great summer every time you smell that scent.

so, what is your summer fragrance?

summer perfect scents


1. l’eau de chloe

2. bobbi brown beach

3. ysl paris premieres roses

4. lanvin me

5. dolce & gabbana desire


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