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hey y’all! now, i’m totally not a haul blogger, never done this, but i have been reading so many beauty blogs and watching so many beauty vloggers lately that i decided to pick up a few of the products i was hearing great reviews about. then i liked some and hated others so i thought i would share some of my reviews with you. Target Beauty Haul

1. ELF daily moisture stick. i was watching one of beauty broadcast’s videos and emily mentioned the ELF daily moisture stick and how it helped keep her under eye concealer in place. i wanted to try this product because my under eye concelear always rubs off and my eye liner always ends up down there. so far so good! i also swiped it quickly on the drier parts of my face (i have combination skin) and like it so far – but i did use my normal moisturizer before applying.

2. revlon lip butters. i have had a few of these and watched/read allison of amarixe‘s write ups about a few colors, so i picked up wild watermelon and sorbet. really love these! they are very light and sheer, so you can layer on or go for sheer – don’t be intimidated by the brightness! the only thing is that it comes out a little matte in a few minutes – 5-10 i would say. swipe on a complimenting gloss or a clear gloss to keep it looking youthful.

3. target brand beauty blender. i wanted to try a beauty blender because i see so many bloggers using it. some say it’s better than using their fingers. for me, it was exactly the same effect as using my fingers. maybe i need to try an actual beauty blender (like the brand one)?

4. revlon photo ready bb cream. i used this today and feel very -meh- about it. i like smashbox bb the best so far of all the ones that i’ve tried. i wouldn’t buy this again.

5. tigi catwalk curls rock amplifier. my salon posted about this product on their facebook page as a go-to product to finish off your hair when it air dries. i haven’t tried this yet, so we’ll see!

6. l’oreal ever cream intense nourishing conditioner. another recommendation from amarixe that i have yet to try.

7. biore strips. i have’t used these in a few years but decided to pick up a box and clear out some pores – they seem to get clogged much more often since i’ve started crossfit. seems to be one of those timeless products of our generation, eh?

8. maybelline rocket mascara in blackest black. again, amarixe. i do love this. allison mentioned she had issues taking it off though, which i haven’t tried so i can’t tell you if i had the same issue. it goes on nicely and feels thin but thickens up my lashes well.

9. sunny bronzer by NYC. i just needed something cheap and so far so good. something like this that you use every day and goes all over your face always seems like something i would pay a little extra for. i just haven’t found a high end brozer i like – i used stila for a while and was eh about it.

10. sonia kashuk concealer palette. i wanted to try this after i saw kandee use it in her more recent prom look video. i liked that there were a variety of shades to use on the eye lid and underneath. i’m undecided on this though. the “translucent” powder included in the palette has a shimmer to it which seems weird to me…

11. ELF transclucent powder. i wish i had opted for the NYC one on this or really sucked it up and bought the NARS one. i am not a fan. wouldn’t buy this again and wouldn’t recommend it. it’s messy and it feels a little too dry to me. i have tried ones that aren’t as dry…now if i could just remember which ones they were…

12. garnier under eye roller. it’s supposed to help with under eye circles and discoloration.  i picked up one that has a light tint to the gel so it actually provides cover up, which you blend in quickly. i don’t normally have under eye circles or puffiness but i do need to start anti-aging routines now that i am over 25, plus it just sounds like it would feel nice to have a cool roller under your eyes in the morning. something refreshing about that…but the jury’s out on this since it’s my first foray into this type of product.


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