this week’s favorite moments: jersey shore edition

as i’m sure you know, the jersey shore was beaten up pretty badly in hurricane sandy, so when we decided a girl’s trip was in order we knew we wanted to go to the shore and give our local communities some of our business. we ended up in wildwood/cape may – if you look at a map of jersey and see the very tip, that’s where we were. luckily this community wasn’t hit too badly and was ready for us, despite being a week early for the official shore season.


i started the weekend with a pretty gel mani and a new summery iphone case. i wish you could see the mani better – it’s a really pretty sparkly neutral color, and there is officially no other manicure in the world.



we had a great view of the beach from our hotel, which was just across the street.


the ferris wheel was up and running on the boardwalk (not the boardwalk that you saw the roller coaster in the ocean). the views were amazing, despite my irrational fear of heights.


we had a picnic on the beach – it was cold all weekend but i just had to stick my feet in the water. we were at the shore, afterall!


there were some awesome crab legs on saturday night.


and of course some custard with rainbow sprinkles.


we went whale watching on sunday in cape may – no whales, but lot’s of dolphins and the cape may lighthouse. did you know this lighthouse has ended up in the ocean twice already? oh and 90% of the country’s clams come from cape may. this here is that very tip of NJ i mentioned earlier. literally the tip on the map is right there in that foggy picture.


before we left our lovely girl’s weekend we walked around cape may and stumbled upon these really large rubber ducks. in fact, if you walked into the store the sign read “really large ducks.” they are $17 a pop and i don’t remember the store – you’ll just have to go on an adventure when you visit cape may!



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