american classic: a day at the ball park

baseball – america’s past time and a right of passage come summer. i love night games when it gets warm out and since boyfriend and i are headed to a mets game (i got lost…go yankees!) i thought i would share my go-to outfit for a baseball game.

my best advice to you is be comfortable and wear shoes that cover your whole foot. there is something kind of totally gross about a ball park in flip flops or sandals. it’s just…dirty. unidentified goo and/or wet stuff will inevitably hit your foot and that just feels gross. then your feet will be all dirty on the bottom, just don’t do it. grab your cons.

for a night game add an emergency hoodie – don’t be that girl complaining she’s chilly the whole time ๐Ÿ˜‰

so ladies, get your tomboy on!

baseball outfit

1. cute baseball t – loving this one from j crew (of course) 2. a baseball cap (i’m a yankees fan, so, go yankees!) 3. cons (see: unidentified goo/wet substances) 4. aviators 5. a cute wallet (ditch the bag, they don’t search a wallet) in a pop of color to make it a little girly and 6. your favorite distressed denim that hugs in all the right places (yes, it’s a get-your-tomboy-on look, but you can show that you are a woman under there!)

bonus: add a few sparkly bracelets for some extra girlieness. and i recommend a fishtail braid ๐Ÿ™‚


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