how to: wear shorts this summer

i haven’t been into shorts until recently and am finding that i really love them. it may be because i definitely can’t get away with them at work (if you can, more power to you!) but now with all the awesome prints i am finding myself completely obsessed. you can wear long shorts, short shorts, tight shorts, flowy shorts, printed shorts, solid shorts – the combinations are endless!

the key is to get into a pair that you feel confident in and that you don’t fuss with all day. try them on. walk around in them. sit down in them. don’t just pull them on, say, oh they fit, and then buy them. really try to walk around and make sure you don’t fuss. there’s nothing cute about a girl fussing with a pair of shorts that ride up. also don’t be afraid to get the hem taken up if you need to or even the waist taken in!

be bold, darlings, try it!

and my 6 picks for this summer:

6 must have printed shorts for summer

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | my picks on polyvore


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