summer perfect hair

so if you’re like me and have long, heavy and dark (which soaks up heat) hair you are probably with me when i say that during the summer it’s essential to have a way to keep your hair up. even with air conditioning on, i just cannot handle being in the bathroom with a blow dryer and a curling iron – too hot!

it’s that time of year now to practice your braids and updos before it gets exceptionally hot – especially if you have hair like mine.

here’s a little dose of summer hair inspiration to get you going – how about trying one this weekend?!

a braided pony is a great way to keep those strands off your next during the weekend – casual put still put together.

a low and refined chignon is great for the office. start with a pony tail held with a clear elastic, then fold it up and wrap with another piece of hair and pin in place. if you have heavy and extra long hair this might take a little extra work or heavier duty hair ties.

front braids with a low messy bun can be great for the office (if you’re in a little more casual setting), drinks outside and running errands on the weekends. i have definitely been known to sport this look any time of year and for any occasion – i will do anything to get this mop off my neck!

i am loving this side braid into a low pony – great for second day hair after beach waves or big curls. add a flower for a little extra sweetness, or don’t 🙂


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