weekend trip essentials

it’s that time of year when planning weekend trips are just as essential as what you pack in your luggage for them. weekends with your significant other, weekends with your family, weekends with the girls – i say let’s plan a weekend trip every weekend! who’s with me?

any takers? no?

so this is the thing about weekends away – go to the beach and keep it casual. it makes packing that much easier. pack your underpinnings, a pair of sandals, a dress and scarf that can double as a shawl, a pair of lightweight jeans and a long sleeve shirt for walking around at night (especially if you are near the water), and 2 bathing suits. oh and a hat and a bag – lipstick and perfume. it sounds like a lot but it would fit in a small bag and you don’t even need a suitcase!

here is what i plan on packing for my girls trip to cape may at the end of – get this – may!

weekend trip essentials

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