easter, all grown up

in thinking about all the preparations for easter, i was thinking about the ridiculous outfits i wore as a kid. it seems, when you’re that young and your parents have total control over everything you put onto your body, that it always includes white shoes with lacy white socks and a bonnet and some relatively cute dress. but as you grow older, gone are the days of traditional easter garb.

you can wear pants, dresses, skirts…mix and match patterns and colors. but overall here are some tips for dressing for easter:

1. don’t pick any hemlines that are too short or too low – it’s a holy day, don’t be silly!

2. wear spring friendly colors

3. embrace light nail polish (totally digging essie’s who’s the boss)

4. stay away from black – it’s a mournful color, don’t do it – it’s a celebration!


and now for what you probably came for – a little dose of easter outfit inspiration:

(ps – melissa handmade her skirt!)

the first lady is always a great source of fashion inspiration, for any occasion.

a jean jacket can dress down a fancier dress, or keep the whole affair totally casual, youthful and springy!




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