why (and how) i online shop

i prefer online shopping for a variety of reasons, but mostly because it’s convenient and open 24/7. by the time i get out of the office and out of the gym i just can’t make it to a store. it also saves on gas, time, money, and even helps the environment a little (’cause you’re not driving all around, but hey, i’m sure some of you will disagree and have a counter point that i hurt the environment too – whatever you say, boss!)

i do know a lot of people, though, who are hesitant to shop online. but let’s face it – online offers more choices, more sizes, more colors, different options, inspiration at your fingertips (i am known to hit up polyvore and pinterest while shopping online to see how i can possibly style an item i am looking into). it’s great, i highly recommend the whole thing.

here is a chart via lauren conrad that will make it easy for you to figure out your measurements to make shopping online more fruitful and less frustrating – because let’s face it, it is frustrating when you like something but aren’t sure which size to order.



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