wearing neon to work

yesterday i talked about rocking neon (fuschia in particular) and how to style it in general. i was thinking, though, as i wear neon to work, how to help you all wear the trend to your own offices, too!

so this is the thing. neon is something that attracts attention. it’s also youthful. if you do it right, it’s definitely a trend you can wear to work. here are some rules to follow before we get started:

1. always consider what is considered appropriate in your office and stick to it. all you’re really doing is adding a different hue of color.

2. don’t overdo it. this is where i tell you don’t wear a neon skirt or pants with a neon top and neon pumps and neon accessories. that would be weird.

3. “keep it simple stupid.” don’t ever wear something that could be distracting for team members or clients in a meeting.

4. layer neon with conservative colors – think black, navy and white here.

5. have fun with it.

here are three looks you can wear to the office and still look appropriate. the third is for a casual friday or a casual office. this is rule #1 though – if casual isn’t appropriate for your office, then don’t do it. duh.

wearing neon to work 1
wearing neon to work 2
wearing neon to work 3

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