it’s your fuschia

see what i did there?? “fuschia” like slang for future? i’m hilarious.

anyway, neon is one of those trends i wasn’t so interested in and then all of the sudden it started to grow on me. but how, oh how, will i style such bold choices?! and how, oh how, will i walk around and not look like a highlighter?

it’s simple really. don’t go overboard, duh. pair neon with white, or denim, or navy…colors that aren’t competing for volume and ones that are sort of crisp. you know what i mean, right? we’re talking about the crispness of a white button down – that’s the kind of crispness i think you should go for when pairing with neon.

definitely check out neon accessories to wean yourself into the trend if you are hesitant and/or if you work in an office. neon can be a totally appropriate youthful pop of color in your work wardrobe! but more on that in another post.

here is a little inspiration for that hot pink/fuschia- definitely one of my favorites in the neon spectrum (though that yellow/green is growing on me too….what can i say….it’s all growing on me!)





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