uhhhh, i work out

that’s right ladies, it’s the obligatory “i’m getting fit this year!” post. for me, i need to have 0 opportunities to make an excuse. i have a gym membership and go – boyfriend and i bond by going to the gym (the couple that plays together stays together, right?). i also have free weights at work, a cycle under my desk and at-home fitness equipment. no matter where i go, there is always an opportunity to improve my fitness. for me this helps avoid excuse-making.

here are my suggestions for everything you need for at-home fitness. what are your must-haves?

resolutions: be fit
1. a fitness ball – exercises here
2. a yoga mat you get jazzed to use – i like the POP pilates workouts on youtube, click here for all of cassey’s routines
3. a step – click here for a reebok workout, circa 1991
4. a bosu – a basic routine right here via real simple
5. kettlebell set – i use kettleworks DVDs because they’re quick, but here’s a good routine from women’s health
6. free weights – this arm routine from SELF is solid
7. a medicine ball– try this routine from women’s health

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