come on baby, light my fire

this time of year, i always wish i could have a fireplace in my bedroom. it would be nice to have that flicker (though i have this app and stream to my apple tv, which is nice…though it looks like i have a fireplace sitting on top of my dresser), and of course, the warmth. enter personal fire places, portable fireplaces, electric and gel fuled fireplaces.

some of these options can be expensive, some can be reasonably priced. here are my favorites plus an easy DIY project if you need something to do this weekend.

1. a mounted fireplace, gel fuel, $148


2. another silver, mounted, gel fuel fireplace, $99


3. an almost real fireplace (i kind of really want this one!), $250


4. a petite, personal sized fireplace, $30

5. an indoor/outdoor firepit – my favorite! $120


and here is your bonus! you can make your very own firepit to keep cozy this winter and be all proud of yourself, and get that satisfaction of having built something yourself and not spending much money:

pop on over to the art of doing stuff for the full tutorial.


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