walking in a winter wonderland

i love the holidays. i love holiday decorations. i wish we could keep the holiday spirit alive all year – and in theory, the actual spirit should always be alive, but the decorations…well i think most people pack it in by new year’s.

but not so fast, darlings! you can put the santas away but keep some of your decorations out, just winterfy them!

here’s a little inspiration to keep your space wintery fun, ’cause, baby it’s cold outside! which means, play the tunes and keep the lights up!

1. keep a window box of candles and evergreens on your counter, your table, a console, a window, or even outside!

2. include greens, candles, and little touches of gold while entertaining for a wintery-holiday mix.

3. a wintery wreath is inviting on the front door (or above a fireplace)

4. find winter flowers for your arrangements around the house – muted tones are best this time of year!

i | ii | iii | iv


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