holiday gift guide series: the impossible giftee

happy monday! (and happy december!) we all have that one person, or several people, who are just impossible to shop for. and if you are one of them…ugh, you pain!

sometimes we struggle to find just the right gift, especially if we are not as close to this individual as we wish we were or if this individual just literally has everything. this is where pinterest comes to the rescue! yes. this post is an obvious one about stalking your impossible giftee’s pinterest boards to figure out what he or she likes.

it’s so easy, and so obvious. but maybe you haven’t thought about it yet:

1. navigate to their profile and look at their board topics (maybe they are heavier into food related boards than you realized or focused on a pet oriented board)

2. look at their pins

3. look at their likes (i think likes say a lot about a person)

4. look at anything related to products i love, my style, etc.

5. make your best guess!


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