holiday gift guide series: the hostess

a hostess gift is one of those classic gestures – you can never go wrong bringing something along with you and the effort is always appreciated. it’s one of those things your mother probably always told you to do, or even one of those things you’ve read about in emily post. it is timeless, and you should do it regardless, but especially when visiting someone’s home for the holidays. here are a few of my favorites to make this holiday season a little extra special.

do you always bring a little something for a hostess?

holiday gift guide: the hostess

1. wine bottle holder (to catch the drips and make a bottle look fancy) – gift it with a nice bottle of wine
2. white truffle oil goes lovely with a homemade loaf of bread or a cutting board (or wine!)
3. bottle opener
4. bourbon maple syrup is great for holiday brunches
5. homemade spreads with fresh loaves of bread and a dish towel (edible AND they get to keep something)
6. an ornament – swarovski has a new design each season, but it could be out of your price range so really any ornament would do (check out west elm, crate and barrel and anthropologie)

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