winter skin: body

last week, we talked about caring for your gorgeous face in the winter. today, we talk about caring for the rest of your body’s skin in this frigid season.

i always get little patches of dry skin in the winter. i am not one for really paying attention to moisturizing anything below my face, though i know i should. that said, i wanted to give you guys a quick and easy way to take care of everything else, especially if you are a little lax like me with this one.

winter skin care: body
1. get an exfoliating body mitt and exfoliate before the shower. yes, before. it’s called dry brushing. it has incredible effects, like stimulating your circulation, and has even been associated with reducing the look of cellulite. it also exfoliates your skin quickly (be careful around sensitive areas – you know what i mean). this is one of those things that i do every day when i get into a routine. if it irritates your skin, brush more gently and don’t do it every day. use your head 🙂
2. then you get in the shower and exfoliate with a body scrub containing coffee. it exfoliates, it energizes, it smells yummy. this is really great in the morning when you are feeling a little sluggish (exfoliation in general will help wake you up!). you really can use any exfoliating scrub, whatever you prefer, and you don’t even have to use it every day! be sure to not irritate your skin – you’ve been warned, don’t blame me.
3. finally, body oil. i love josie maran’s argan oil because it’s great for your body and hair. whatever you use, be sure to moisturize (i also love no name brand cocoa butter – whatever you have or love). this locks in everything and helps your skin regenerate after getting rid of the dead and dry skin.

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