winter skin: face

it’s cold. that means winter skin is a comin’. which means we need to discuss this and prepare – immediately!

so here’s the deal. winter dries your skin out, regardless of skin type, from the cold air outside and the heated air inside. to achieve perfect skin in this climate, you’ll need to exfoliate so as to remove this dry, dead skin, and hydrate, to stimulate the blood cells and oxygen and all that stuff.

here are my picks to keep your skin looking radiant all winter long:

winter skin care

1. clarisonic. it’s worth the investment – nothing will clean your pores and exfoliate better than this bad boy.

2. face lotion with oxygen. it helps stimulate blood, oxygen, collagen, and so on. the extra boost is hydrating and gives you a little boost of energy.

3. unpetroleum jelly. so, it’s like vaseline and won’t clog your pores. i have sensitive skin that is prone to blemishes, and this stuff does not bother me. you might not want to sleep with this on, since it could get on your pillow case. but, i will tell you right now, i have slept with this on, my pillowcases are fine and my skin is AMAZING after. you could also walk around the house for a bit and then rinse it off. it is shiny so it’s not a cute look when you are going to bed with a significant other.

4. finally, a humidifier. the heat in your house will dry out your skin (consider that, too, before taking steamy hot showers!). keep a humidifier on your side of the bed to have radiant skin in the morning. bonus? add some lavendar essence for a calming and relaxing effect.

winter skin care by herlongwayhome

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