casual fridays

i’ve been extraordinarily lucky that since i’ve graduated college i haven’t been required to wear a suit to work every day – for me every day is like a casual friday! well for the most part. there have been plenty of days that have required me to up the ante.

anyway. if you are in an office that only gives you a casual day once a week, i’ve pulled together a go-to look just for you. if you get this “jean day” once a week, i would tend to assume you are in a relatively conservative office. so start with the basics – a casual blazer, a button down with a tiny pattern, a pair of dark wash jeans, and flats. please, don’t ever wear a pair of light washed jeans to an office. even if every day is casual friday. (ok, unless you wear a great pair of quality distressed jeans with a blazer and pumps – another post for another day.) when in doubt, go dark wash. it looks more professional, tailored, clean – shall i go on?

it’s easy. you can mix these pieces endlessly into your wardrobe. it’s worth investing in the classics. you could also pop a trendy top under this blazer – maybe some silk and ruffles? i could get down with that.

casual fridays

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