sparkles, sparklers and champagne

no it’s not new year’s eve. i’m a year older and the big 2-7 today. in my world, this means i’m officially in my late 20s – it did not start a year ago, as a certain someone would like to tell me (or even the year before – those were 2 years of mid 20s). i was going to write that not much has changed in the past year, but this year’s post isn’t called “it’s a celebration bitches.” so i do suppose some things have changed. puttin’ my big girl pants on, huh?

instead of dwelling on everything that hasn’t happened in the past year, everything i thought i’d be at 27, i think i’ll just say i’m happy to be here writing today. what a gift.

i’m blessed to have a wonderful family, fantastic friends, many of whom came from my loving boyfriend, and of course my loving boyfriend who is always my #1 blessing every day – sometimes i’m just in awe of how much love there is in my life.

there really are no words for just how luck this 20-something is.

well, off to celebrate another year! cheers, dolls!

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