get your victoria beckham on

i don’t know why i love victoria beckham – aka posh spice – so much. it may be residual “I LOVE THE SPICE GIRLS” from 5th grade. or was it 6th? maybe it’s because she’s a little mysterious, or seems like a power bitch and i kind of find that inspiring in a woman. maybe it’s because her wardrobe is incredibly chic and i am incredibly jealous of that. who knows?!

in all seriousness, taking a few cues from mrs. beckham makes a lot of sense when you are building your basic wardrobe, especially one that requires you to dress business casual for work. it also helps when you have no clue what to wear.

here are some basics inspired by posh – a basic black turtle neck (great with jeans, slacks, skirts, etc.), a black dress with some special details, a v-neck blouse to dress up or down, a pencil skirt that hits you in all the right places and a perfectly cut black blazer. top it all off with black pumps that don’t pinch you in the store (if they pinch in the store they’ll hurt even more on the street), a black clutch, dark polish and big sunnies.

of course there are other things to include in a basic work wardrobe – black slacks and a great white blouse (when you find the perfect one buy more than one), but this is a great, feminine base to play around with at work. stay posh and keep it all black, or girl it up a little and add some sparkle, color, sequins or whatever else you’ve got!

victoria beckham inspired wardrobe
victoria beckham i, ii, iii, iv, v

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