colored cords

cords. how very fall. (i mean really…duh.) what i am loving for this fall are colored cords – and not your basic brown and tan. go for bold, ladies, go for bold.

i lean towards the light blues and greens, but i say go for whatever floats your boat and, most importantly, works well with your own wardrobe. what i love about the first is not necessarily the lack of bravdo in the cord color selection, but instead the lighter, complimentary color paired with the pants. so, for example, if you are wearing blue cords, opt for a lighter blue top.

go extra bold with a bright red pant, cuffed with chambray. yes, chambray is seasonless. just wear it. mustard is fantastic with ivory but would also be great with a fun print – really any cord would be great with a print – just pick something you feel comfortable in and it will work. and a more muted red cord can be toned down with neutrals and boots.

so what have we learned here, ladies? go for cords. go for bold. mix with a lighter shade of your pant, ivory or a print you feel comfortable in. when in doubt grab a white button down, chambray or an ivory pussybow blouse. you can’t go wrong.

colored cords

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