on trend for spring: lemon and gray, part 1

warm lemon is reminiscent for many of spring – sunshine, flowers, warmth, the start of a new beginning. and that warm lemony shade always looks perfect with gray, especially if you are looking to tone down a bright citrus pop of color at work. professional meets trendy, right?

gray is a fantastic color for almost every skin tone, while yellow can be a little more challenging to pull off. my suggestion? take a friend with you when you go shopping and try out a variety of shades of yellow. from that true lemon, to neon to buttery – whichever the shade, everyone can rock a little yellow in their wardrobe.

combining with gray makes the yellow a little softer but also softens your overall look as gray will always be a softer alternative to crisp black and navy. while charcoal gray nails have been the go to for fall and winter this year, switch things up with a little bit of a lighter shade to get you ready for spring now.

here are some of my picks for that lemony gray that is oh so chic for spring.

lemony gray for spring


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