when fairy tales come true

some times when you stop to catch your breath you realize how much your life is changed but you can’t pinpoint the moment you took a different direction. other times, you reflect and realize how much has changed but can pinpoint the exact moment that would define the rest of your life.

today i’m going to be a little cheesy, but hey, it’s what love will do to a girl. a year ago one kiss – ugh get ready for every cliche in the book – changed my entire life.

my boyfriend and i have had the most incredible year, and i have been the happiest i can ever remember being. i could sit here and tell you it’s been a fairy tale (it has), that he gives me butterflies (he does), that he is my soul mate (he is) and that even when we argue i am still madly in love with him (i am)

i won’t go there.

where i will go is telling you these few things – yes it is true that when you fall in love you will know it (but you could go walking through life thinking you are until you actually are). yes when you talk about your relationship you should feel like it has been a fairy tale perfect one. yes you should want to spend every minute with that person (and not because you’re not independent people but because you love each other and enjoy each other’s company). yes tell them you love them every single chance you get (life is far too short not to). always pick and choose your battles.

in the past year, not a day has gone by where i have not been 100% happy. not a single argument has clouded how much i love this man. and every day has made us stronger as a couple and is helping me grow into the woman i have always wanted to be.

i am not an overly spiritual individual but there’s something about this that feels touched by a deity, that is fatalistic. that makes me feel blessed and thankful every single day.

everything i’ve heard about johnny cash and june carter cash had me longing for a certain type of relationship. i had never found it before, but now that i have i want to tell you this – watch walk the line and read about what people have said about the man in black and his soul mate. then never ever ever ever settle until you find it. and trust me, you will know it when you do.

i love you sweetie, with all my heart. you are my johnny cash.

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