brilliant organizational idea

so as i decide to stay at home for another 2 years to save for a house – it’s an attempt, we’ll see how long it lasts – i need to “move back in” to my parents house. i’ve been moving out for the past 5 years, but now with this decision comes a need to get organized. get rid of the old college stuff. make my space work for me like i need it to. i stumbled across this idea for shoe organization on well worn:

this is a super easy, fast, cheap DIY that you could pull together quickly during the weekend – or even on a weeknight!

1. chair rail or moulding measured to the available length in your closet or on a wall

2. spray paint of choice

3. hammer and nails

4. pretty knobs

spray paint the chair rail and let dry thoroughly; attach knobs for flats; hang in your closet or on a wall; put your shoes up; toast a glass of champagne to your handiness.


2 thoughts on “brilliant organizational idea

  1. This is an awesome idea! thanks for sharing it! My roommate & I are both shoe lovers and we have EVERY available closet ful, all the backs of our doors have full shoe racks and we can’t fit another shoe organizer under any of the beds in the house….we do however have PLENTY of wall space! Thanks again for sharing! – Dana

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