bumble and bumble product review

so after blowing out my hair this morning i decided that i had to write a quick review of bumble and bumble’s styling creme. (full disclosure, they did not ask me to write this, i did not get the product for free, etc.) i’m seriously obsessed with this stuff.

i have long, thick hair and i have a lot of it. it’s a little wavy – definitely have texture that i have to work out with two round brushes (think 4 inch, and 2 inch barrels, something like that). it’s always been disappointing to spend so much time drying my hair, trying to get that stepped-out-of-the-salon look but never being able to achieve it.

enter bumble and bumble’s styling creme – seriously the perfect product for that salon look.

being sarcastic, my hair doesn’t look like this today. it’s early, work with me people.

using the styling creme is super easy –  put a dollop in your hand (i have long thick hair so i use a little more than a dime), rub your hands together and apply to wet hair. then dry your hair to take the moisture out, then start styling with a round brush. when i’m done drying my hair i pull out chunks and twirl them with my hands to smooth everything together. the end product is super shiny, smooth hair – and yes, i’ve been asked if i got a hair cut. when i say no, the follow up is “did you get your hair blown out?”

it’s as easy as one two three! click the image to purchase.

and here’s a great tutorial from the beauty department on blowing out your hair.   what are your must have beauty products? i’d love to hear about them!


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