lust vs. must, vintage style suitcases

i’ve been seeing a lot of high end inspiration so as i’ve begun to scheme plan the design for my next home (aka apartment). i always find myself highly inspired by the finer things in life that come with extraordinarily overbearing price tags. enter amazon. (and no, this is not a sponsored post)…

amazon is a wonderful thing. you can seriously find just about anything – i’m not even kidding. if you’re looking for something, and can’t find it, let me know, i’ll find it for you.

so there are these trunks at restoration hardware. and i love the overall idea of them (and fall in love with photos that show use of vintage suitcases). they are a little pricey and not exactly the look i’m going for. so enter amazon. where i find something that is in line with my intentions for my living room and doesn’t break the bank. we’re talking 3 of these that fit my style for the cost of one of restoration’s.

what’s your best lust vs. must?

restoration hardware: lust

amazon suitcases: must

ps – for a look more similar to the restoration ones (i’m going for very light, and metallic) check out these trunks


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