the new twitter

*before we even get started with this post, we have to give you an obligatory disclosure: hailey works at a PR firm in the digital media department.. if you know where she works, great. if you don’t know where she works, even better. for all intents and purposes, it doesn’t really matter.

The new Twitter promises to be “an easier, faster, richer experience.” The new interface is being randomly rolled out to users over the next few weeks. Twitter will be adding two columns. The left side will be your usual stream of content, and the right side column will be for the left’s content. (So when you click a multimedia link, let’s say a picture, it will be displayed in the right side column.)

The best part of the new features? Twitter’s promotional video for the roll out. Sure, it is an attempt to evoke a sense of what the new Twitter will be like. The concept is that it will be everywhere, and everything will be integrated.

Here is my challenge to you: watch the video twice. The first time, let the promo do what it intends to do. After you watch the video, scroll down for the second part of my challenge to you.

The second time, think about the video and its elements in terms of the broader idea of social media – what is it, how it functions and its place in pop culture.

For example, consider when the person pulls a bottle of wine off the shelf and it has a Twitter logo on it. This is just one of the many lines drawn that illustrates the correlation between the bigger ideas and goals of social media and the individual. Afterall, research has shown that we take what our friends say as gospel. We trust our friends (or followers, or fans) to dispense news, recommendations, and overall to capture the world around us.

What do you think?


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