get the look: anthropologie’s wallpaper

so last year sometime, we fell in love with this wallpaper from anthro. (i know, shocker that we should fall in love with something from anthro. we’re not obsessed or anything.)

we like the idea of oversized utensils as decoration in a kitchen – just the right amount of kitschy-ness. what we loved about this particular wallpaper was the detailing on the pieces. the wallpaper is no longer available on anthro’s site, but we remember the pricing being around $300 or more.

enter cutting edge stencils, discovered via three men and a lady. their bon appetit stencil is the perfect way to acheive this anthro look – at a fraction of the cost (we’re talkin’ 40 bucks for the stencil). these are comparable in size and detail to their anthro counterparts.

what do you think – would you try this?

wallpaper via AT, stencil via cutting edge


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