get the look: anthropological

it’s certainly not a secret around here that we love anthropologie. from the styling to the buying, they’re firing on all cylinders. there’s always something that is swoon worthy in store.

when you break down the “anthropologie look” it’s really not that hard to attain. they’ve hand selected items for you that are a little quirky, a little whimsical, a little left of center. everything has some unexpected detail or twist to it – from a unique printed top to flatware that has etching on the fork tines, the details never fail to impress.

enter etsy. if you don’t know what etsy is at this point, you’ve been living under a rock and – yes, you’ve been missing something. but it’s okay, we won’t throw you out. etsy is the perfect place to curate your own life with the anthro look. you can find one-of-a-kind vintage pieces (think scarves, bags – and hey even shoes). you can find hand made letterpress cards, soaps, organic cotton scarves, and gorgeous dresses. you can find beautiful housewares and original works of art.

with the anthro look in mind, we’ve pulled together another etsy treasury with a hefty dose of anthro inspiration. come see where it will take you!


4 thoughts on “get the look: anthropological

    • Definitely take a peek. When I was younger I thought it was too wacky. Now it’s totally me. You never know what they might have! And they change up their floor so frequently and put new pieces together, so it always looks like there’s something new…which is bad if you’re a shopaholic like me! xoxo

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