playing nice in the sandbox

our friend, meghan (whose blog you should read) said the other day “the blogosphere is a small world, play nice in the sandbox.” (she may have said the internet is a small world, but for this blogosphere is appropriate.)

and we couldn’t agree more.

there is a long story that goes with this idea of playing nice in the blogosphere, which we’ve written and rewritten, and ultimately decided that it’s not really that important to give the back story. but it boils down to this – we should all blog with integrity, cite our sources, and give credit where credit is due. we should play just as nice in this space as we do out in our every day world. we should be polite – to readers, other bloggers, or PR people who approach us.

and hey – it’s the blogosphere. it’s circular. what goes around comes around. what is said once is repeated.

so, play nice in the sand box, kiddies.


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