pedal perfect

there is something about a bicycle with a vintage vibe that makes you feel like you’ve fallen out of an anthropologie catalogue. 
 there’s something about a bicycle (note: we can’t bring ourselves to call these ‘bikes’) that captures a moment in time. of simpler days. of dreamy days. of sleepy saturday mornings. 

we’d love to spend a weekend dreamily pedaling around martha’s vineyard (in an anthropologie dress, of course) on any one of these beautiful bicycles.

this beauty is guaranteed to make you feel all warm and anthro inside because it’s brought to you by the ever tempting-but-oh-how-we-love-them buyers at anthro. you can pick one up for a cool $1,998
(even more bicycles after the jump! including our custom build!)

adeline offers our absolute favorite bicycles. there are so many to choose from it’s so hard to pick just one:

there’s the princess sovereign ($1,295)

and the poppy ($995)
we are in love with the aqua granturismo donna ($950)

the klassic paula is fabulous in a greige-ish shade of purple ($1,800)

and then there are our friends at urban outfitters who can out fit (haha we are clever little minxes) you with a custom vintage-esque bicycle.

this is ours – only $399! i know it sounds like a lot, but hey, we’re in love with a bicycle that could cost $1,800! (we really love the green tires!)

build your own plato on urban outfitters – and be sure to share your pics! email us at herlongwayhome at gmail dot com or on our facebook fan page!

so throw on a dress, jump on a bicycle and pedal off into the sunset this weekend. and don’t forget to share some pics!

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